Earthquakes in Bangkok 2003

Bangkok feels earthquake - January 23, 2003
Reports from the Post and The Nation. As usual, the Post's article is a "just the facts, ma'am" story. It seems recently many Post articles are based only on info from dry official MCOT press releases (a previous example). The Nation does a better job explaining the local mood (albeit in delightfully broken English--skycreepers of Bangkok). They even mention the "panic" 2b first reported yesterday: Many of them rang their friends and families while some rang the public service FM 100 radio stations asking for what happened, expressing their feeling and opinions. The panic reduced after the authorities announced through breaking news about the cause of vibration and said the situation is not that crisis. In Bangkok, the panic occurred in the centre of the city including the prime commercial areas like Siam Square, Silom and Sukhumvit. The similar but less degree panic had also reported in the central of Phuket, Songkhla, Trang and Satun.

Bangkok panic - January 22, 2003
11:17 am - Rumors are swirling through town now of buildings listing, or earthquakes, or tremors of some types moving through the city... We have confirmed one of the towers at Mahboonkrong has been evacuated after experiencing some kind of tremor.
11:30 am - Some buildings along Silom have been evacuated. And things are getting ridiculous. Building management where we are now (at Sathorn Road) just told us to "expect an earthquake in 1 hour." Thai-language radio is also mention some kind of shaking being felt in highrises in town.
11:58 am - Mexico City experienced a strong earthquake a couple hours ago and CNN is reporting large crowds milling around evacuated buildings. Their story was posted at about 10:37 am Bangkok time. Shortly after that buildings here started to be evacuated. Could this story have been misheard and then spread as a rumor causing many to believe Bangkok is experiencing earthquakes?
16:07 pm - The Nation and Thai Rath reports: Earthquake hits northern Sumatra, felt in Thai capital and MCOT says: People in high buildings in Sathon, Silom, Ploenchit, Sukhumvit, Bang Na, Klong Toey, and Lat Phrao areas could felt of the quake. And here it is on the USGS page. It struck at 10:30am.

How safe are we from earthquakes? - May 19, 2003
Today seems to be a slow news day, so here is a notice from Chartered Square Building management about earthquake safety exactly as we received it:
Dear Tenants,
In view of the recent mild earthquake experienced in Bangkok, some tenants expressed concern over its possibly re-occurring, the relevant safety procedures, as well as the building's design provision for such natural disasters. Your concerns are appreciated, and addressed as follows:;
Firstly,we are informed that although the chance of an earthquake reoccurring in Bangkok cannot be entirely ruled out, the city does not. however, lie directly on a fault line, so the earthquake's impact would be minimal.
Secondly, the Chartered Square building is constructed with reinforced steel, which is betterable to absorb earthquake vibrations than concrete buildings.
Furthermore, the building management has provided an Emergency procedure plan to handle any situation that are likely to the alarm is rounded and announcement giving expicit instructions on evacuation procedure and assembly points is made.