Q and A: Thaksin Sits Down With Forbes

Q and A: Thaksin Sits Down With Forbes – Forbes, October 30, 2012
…In Thailand, we help the farmers. It looks like you lost money in the left pocket but you are not losing money. 400 billion baht, if we turned around, we collect 7%, 27 billion already. But at least the money will come back three times. Because the poor when they received the money they spend. So at least 3 times you got back. So you lost in your left pocket 70 billion but you gained 81 billion in the right pocket. So in the end of the day, it’s about the economy and about the well being of the poor.
…Q. You sounded like you are very familiar with the policy direction?
This policy, I am the one who thinks. Like our slogan during the campaign, Thaksin thinks, Pheu Thai acts.
…Q. Do you have any relationship with member of the [Chinese government] standing committee?
Not in the standing committee… I am really close to the Chinese government. And I have a chance to talk to them, listen to them. I just went to the US and met Henry Kissinger. We exchanged views on China – US, China – ASEAN, we sharesour view on how it should be.
Q. How’s he doing?
Very smart, the brain is still functioning very well. He walked me to the elevator. He is still very active. We talked over an hour…
Q. Anything else you wanted us to understand?
I am really unlucky that Thailand only have two English newspapers, and both of them against me. So the international audience might read what happening in Thailand through these newspapers. The phrases they used are prejudiced and biased from the beginning. Not just only in the details, the headlines already are prejudiced. So don’t believe them. If you want to know the true me, true Thaksin, and you read these newspapers, you’d never know the true Thaksin.

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