Puts Rama’s pavilion in his mouth

From Khaosod, January 4, 2014
[The cartoonist borrows an analogy from an episode in Ramayana to mock the current political situation. In the episode of the Battle with Ahiravan, brother of Ravana, Hanuman changes his shape to become a giant monkey and puts Rama’s pavilion in his mouth. This act is to prevent Ahiravan from abducting Rama.
In the cartoon, the person who puts Democracy Monument in his mouth is Suthep Thuagsuban, key leader of the People’s Democratic Reform movement. The meaning is that he is protecting democracy from being abducted from Thaksin and his Pheu Thai Party.]

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2 Responses to Puts Rama’s pavilion in his mouth

  1. Or it could mean that Suthep is a giant monkey.

  2. %%% says:

    It could also be hinting that mythological superheroes aren’t exactly the brightest bulbs on the block. The previous owner of this totally impractical set of dentures also sustained some nasty mouth wounds through foolishly attempting to wear the unwearable.

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