Put the bomb in Prawit’s butt

From Manager, May 23, 2017
Caption: Next time, I will bomb here… let’s see whether you can catch it.

[Refers to the bomb at a military hospital that caused a number of injuries. The continuing spate of bombs, some in sensitive locations such as near Sanam Luang (where a royal cremation ceremony is going to be held) seems to point out how the junta is unable to maintain security.
The hospital bomb was in the “Wongsuwan” room, named in honor of Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan, both the most powerful person in the junta as well as the person who is conducting talks with political groups to form the next government.
The cartoonist is trying to emphasize that the bomb is indeed related to dissatisfaction over junta rules and its implications for the future of the country.]

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