Punishing the fakers

From Thairath, August 30, 2017
Left, a foreigner: The international Copyright protection organization ask me to say Thank you to your government, that you started to work on this copyright problem seriously…
Middle: …by punishing one who infringe intensively and drastically!
Thai man: What case are you talking about?
Right: The one that punishes the fake G2G boss, and the result is going to jail for 42 years.

[Refers to the Pheu Thai government’s fake export deals. Pheu Thai ministers falsely claimed that the huge rice surplus was being eagerly bought up by foreign governments. This would have all been okay if the Pheu Thai’s amnesty could have been put into effect which would have resulted in new elections. Then a new government, presumably controlled by a pardoned Thaksin, could have ensured that investigations into the rice pledging scheme would absolve the government of any wrongdoing.
However, the amnesty attempt resulted in a coup instead, and the unlucky ministers who proclaimed the deals, all to ensure government popularity and stability for an amnesty, were charged and sentenced to a decades-long imprisonment.
Adding to their complete defeat is that Pheu Thai PM Yingluck fled her own sentencing on the very day theirs was handed down, seeming to emphasize that Shinawatras do not go to jail, but those who act on their behalf do.]

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