Pruning the Thaksin tree


From Arun, January 25, 2015
From the top to the bottom of tree: Yingluck, Somchai, Samak and Thaksin
[Yingluck, Somchai, Samak were prime minister proxies of Thaksin and each were removed after controversial court decisions. All were continuing attempts to stamp out Thaksin control of the Thai political system.
In Thai, an influential figure like Thaksin is often compared to a tree with deep roots and expansive branches that cannot be tamed unless the tree itself is cut down.
In the cartoon, each smaller offshoot also represents the diminishing stature of the Thaksin puppet PMs. It started with Samak, a legitimate (if controversial) right-wing political figure who, without a standing political clique, had to be loyal to Thaksin while raising no suspicions like a Thaksin relative would.
Next was Thaksin’s brother-in-law Somchai. His appointment made clear that his party was first loyal to the Shinawatra political machine.
Finally was Yingluck, a political unknown, pulled from obscurity to serve as PM just six weeks after most people ever heard of her.]

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