Protecting the system

From Komchadluek, January 23, 2014
Caretaker Premier Yingluck Shinawatra: It’s necessary that I remain in the office to safeguard democracy.
[This refers to demands from anti-government protesters that Yingluck and her caretaker cabinet resign so that a popular council can be set up to reform the country before organizing new elections. Yingluck maintains that she must stay in office to protect the democratic system.]

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2 Responses to Protecting the system

  1. Wiz says:

    Photo series: the murder of Khun Suthin at Wat Sri Iam –

    This can be explained as follows:
    1. Ai Maew has to kill Khun Suthin using UDD men in black as he knows too much about the energy interests of Ai Maew which hurt Ai Maew’s interests a lot – and this murder is the way to eliminate any potential rivals in the upcoming elections while instigating PDRC to be trapped into civil war mode which force Big Too to intervene and allow Ai Maew to set up the government in exile.
    2. Ai Maew badly want to wreck havoc on the morale of PDRC and cow the demonstrators as he has told those in CPMO to do so
    3. Now, the murder of Khun Suthin is the way to draw public attention away from the case of bringing Khmer to vote for PT candidates in Bueng Kum and Bang Na by lulling Khun Suthin to Wat Sri Iam
    4. First group of assassins are the Democratic Brave of FM 90.25 MHz with Police guards to track down Khun Suthin along the way
    5. the Second group is the assassins in black – some are from Phra Khanong and they have stayed and hidden at the T-Intersection and the curves where the 6-wheel trucks cannot speed up – the place for attacks
    6. Khun Suthin got 2 fatal shots at the head, Neck and right chest – definitely the professional assassins while being attacked from 4 directions
    7. After the successful execution, Yinglux has flied to Chiang Mai immediately, the familiar pattern after Ai Maew has done the evil deed by flying to their fortress or flying abroad.
    8. No attack during the mourning – the familiar pattern of UDD gangs in arm
    Conclusion: If you refuse vote for PT men, we will butcher the whole village as the warning as we can replace those dead voters with Khmer.

  2. I wouldn’t describe the PDRC as a “popular council”. If they were that popular then they should run in an election.

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