From Manager, May 26, 2016
Phra Dhammajayo says: I, Reverend Father would like to die at this temple.
Caption: Which branch [to die in]? [Thanks for the commenter below who pointed out the error in the original translation.]

[This refers to Phra Dhammajayo who is wanted on an arrest warrant. He is avoiding arrest by staying in his fortified temple compound. In the background are the many extravagant properties that belong to the sect.
Broadly speaking, Thai Buddhism teaches adherents to realize non-attachment, karma and to live the middle path.
The joke is that Phra Dhammajayo says he wants to die in the temple (as opposed of being put in jail). The sect has many luxurious properties so the joke is that Phra Dhammajayo can instead die in one of these many properties. This sort of display of prestige and greed is not a proper impulse or discipline in Thai Buddhism.]

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