Promote justice

From Thairath, February 21, 2018
Title: We want to apply.
On the paper held by the judge: Establishment of the Court Marshal
In front of the table: Court of Justice
On the men’s costume from front-back: Zhan Zhao, Wang Chao, Ma Han, Zhao Hu, Zhang Long
Paper held by Bao Zhen: Guarantee by Bao Zheng
Phi Nooring: Promote justice
Mouse: Court police
[Under the junta, the Court Marshal is used for cases related to groups that criticize the junta.
The cartoon shows famous legendary Chinese figures of justice applying to sit on the military’s court. This would supposedly embarrass the court which is thought to function as a rubber stamp of the junta.
Dubbed soap operas showing the life and times of these famous figures of Chinese justice are often shown on Thai TV. It is thought they reflect the desire of Thais to have an ethical, non-corrupt legal system.]

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