Profiting from being military

From Thairath, December 3, 2019
Title: The hero undresses to show people.
Thanathorn: Why does he looks so fat? …unusual.
On the soldier from top to bottom: Margin; Outside system’s business; Net income outside of the budget of government property [these refer to the revelations of soldiers engaging in profit-making businesses that use official resources–essentially profiting from being a soldier]
Mouse man: Reveals privileged people [meaning the military are privileged; this is meant to contrast with Thanathorn who is sometimes derided as being a privileged tycoon]
Mouse: Take advantage for a long time. [profiting from official resources is a common Thai practice throughout officialdom; Thanathorn is merely being brave enough (or needlessly causing trouble based on your perspective) by pointing out what everyone suspects to be true]

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