“Royal Procession, Siam”

"Royal Procession, Siam" - June 24, 2005
A photo from an undated postcard. Is this Rama VII?

Krasin: Judging from the older-styled uniforms of the royal pages and military officers, the "elephant" national flags decorating the building and the facial and physical appearance of the king, I trust this is King Rama VI (Vajiravudh), probably on his Coronation day. I could not remember the date of the occasion, but it should be between 1910-1912.

On the forum: For some reason I think the king in the pictured featured on the 2B main page (06/24/05) is King Rama VI. On a somewhat related note, here is a link to an interesting website featuring The Siamese Royalty, a personal fascination.

Sukhum: Re the picture of Royal Procession on 2Bangkok.com dated 24 June 2005. The picture is of HM King Rama 6.
The proof is Thai national flag. The flag in the pic is still of old design (White Elephant on red background) HM Rama 6 changed the national flag to present Tricolor (Trirong) design.
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