Chavalit Runs Away (Again)

From Manager, April 19, 2011
The title on the board reads: The statistic showing resignation from a position
Chavalit says: Who else can do as I can?
The caption reads: Some like to rack up the abnormal statistics

[Since 2006, Thaksin has repeatedly tried to rope Chavalit into speaking for his interests. However, Chavalit has proved a very uncertain ally, withdrawing or resigning from supporting Thaksin several times, including after the 2006 new year’s bombings, after the bloody crackdown on the PAD at parliament in 2008, and most recently after the latest lese majeste accusations against the Red Shirts.]

From Manager, April 20, 2011
The words on the sign at the top left reads: The outdated landlord–red toppling down highness [makes fun of the the Red Shirts and their anti-monarchy statements as the realm of old-fashioned backward country people]
Chavalit says: The gang to topple royalty? How can I belong here!!!?
The caption reads: Just wake up

[This is another reference to Chavalit leaving the Pheu Thai Party. This cartoon derisively shows a old-style provincial room, with multiple people sleeping on mats and older folks (here Thida and Weng) playing cards by styrofoam boxes of foods while joss stick burn. Thaksin’s portrait is on the wall. Chavalit finds himself among Red Shirt and Pheu Thai figures who have been accused of threatening the monarchy for Thaksin.]

From Manager, April 22, 2011
Left: The sign reads: MAE LA PLA PAO [name of famous grilled fish restaurant]
The lady says: AYY! You say that you will establish the political party, will you?
Right: The sign reads: POR-YAI-MAE LA PLA PAO [POR-YAI is the political alias used for Gen. Chavalit Yongchaiyudh]
The words on Chavalit’s shirt reads: Mr. mercurial man
The caption reads: The career that should fit Jew [Chavalit] most at this moment

[Mocking Chavalit’s mercurial nature for leaving Thaksin once again.]

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