Price for the whole group of cobra politicians

From Daily News, April 18, 2019
Left: That day
PM Prayut: A coup to reform the country before the election
Right: Today
On the cobras: Price for the whole group of cobra politicians: up to a hundred million [baht]

[Refers to the rumor that pro-junta groups are buying up politicians from other parties to add to their coalition. The idea of MPs for sale is a long-standing political reality, but also thought of as a shame and indicative of old-style politics where political groups have no other policies other than to hold power.
The cartoon is further critical of the junta that first committed to reform the country, but later they still followed the same political way by aligning themselves with the most old-fashioned, venal politicians in the country.
“Cobra politicians” are politicians who easily betray their political grouping to join another. It comes from the Aesop Fable “The Snake and the Farmer.”]

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