Pressure mounts on BMA to help solve Silom line bottleneck

BTS ready to demolish station – Pressure mounts on BMA to help solve Silom line bottleneck – Bangkok Post, October 26, 2014

[This is related to the larger issue of Taksin Bridge. This bridge is a low-hanging structure that put an end to large cruise ships being able to journey up the Chaoprahya River.
In the pre-jet travel age, the area around the Oriental Hotel (presently being restored) was the equivalent of an international airport as a major embarkation point for travelers and mail.
During the 1990s there was a plan to construct a new high bridge at the end of Chan Road and route all existing Sathorn Road traffic over it. The Taksin Bridge would then have been demolished, allowing large boat traffic up the river once again. This plan died in the 2000s as political squabbles over the blocking of projects related to opposition political parties became the norm again.]

…The two main options that the BTS has put to the Bangkok Metropolitan Association are to knock down the station completely, or to move a section of the King Taksin Bridge to allow room for a second rail line to be built. The second option would be considerably more expensive and time consuming.
Commuting on the Sukhumvit line during peak hours is easy and predictable, Mr Anat said, while BTS management has been struggling to handle rising passenger numbers on the Silom line.
Mr Anat said trains on the Sukhumvit line run every two to three minutes in peak hours and six to nine minutes off peak. During rush hours on the Silom line, however, trains only arrive every four minutes. Mr Anat said the sole cause of the delay is Saphan Taksin station.
The station has only one platform, which must serve trains going in both directions. Because the station is wedged in a narrow gap between two elevated roads, there is no room to expand it or add a second platform.
If the station were demolished, however, a second rail line could be built, allowing more frequent services along the entire Silom line. Saphan Taksin was only ever meant to be a temporary station and was due to be demolished as soon as the Silom line extension was completed…

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