U.S. Presidential visits to Thailand

Right: King Chulalongkorn greets former president Ulysses S. Grant during his visit to Siam in 1879

April, 1879
Ex-President Ulysses S. Grant and a large group visits Siam on a round-the-world trip. Grant meets 25-year-old King Chulalongkorn.

(Source: Unknown - contemporary illustration?)

(Source: Newsreel footage)

(Source: Newsreel footage)

Stills from a newsreel about LBJ's 1966 trip to Thailand.

Left: LBJ arrives in front of the Ananta Samakorn Throne Hall.

October 27-30, 1966
LBJ visits Bangkok. LBJ's trip also included a stop in South Vietnam and a conference in Manila to rally regional governments to support the US effort in Vietnam.

December 23, 1967
LBJ visits US troops stationed in Korat.

(Source: Unknown - snapshot)
Former First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy tours Bangkok

(Source: Unknown - snapshot)

(Photo: UPI)

July 28-30, 1969
President Richard Nixon visits Bangkok. US Embassy website: Only a few hours earlier in Guam, he had announced a policy of limited involvement that came to be known as the Nixon Doctrine. Under this policy, the United States would send military and economic assistance in future Asian wars, but would expect the nation involved to supply the manpower.

(Photo: UPI)

October 14, 1971
California Governor Ronald Reagan (the future president) visits Bangkok as a representative of President Nixon.

November, 1979
First Lady Rosalynn Carter visits Thailand.

November, 1983
President Reagan cancels a planned trip to Bangkok due to important bills that Congress will vote on during the time he was to be gone.

May, 1986
First Lady Nancy Reagan visits Bangkok to receive an award for her anti-drug efforts.

May, 1989
Vice President Quayle visits Thailand.

January, 1994
Former President George HW Bush visits Thailand as guest of the CP Group.

November 25-26, 1996
President and Mrs. Clinton visit for a 24-hour whirlwind visit to Bangkok. This was the first Presidential visit in 27 years. Screaming Chulalongkorn University students mob him like a rock star. The Thai papers solemnly ponder why young people are not this excited about their own politicians. The Clintons do not stay in town, but sleep on Air Force One.

October 18-21, 2003
President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush attend the APEC summit.

August 6-7, 2008
President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush visit Bangkok on the 175th anniversary of bilateral ties between Thailand and the U.S.

(Photo: International Newsreel)

Above: February 12, 1925 - General Mitchell receives gift from Siam - Washington - Above is pictured the rare trophy presented to General William Mitchell, Assistant Chief of the Air Service, by the government of Siam as a token of esteem. The trophy is the head of the largest tiger killed in Siam last year when General and Mrs. Mitchell were visiting Siam. The tiger head was brought to the United States by Capt. Luang Rhangsrit and Capt. Sieng Susilworn of the Siamese Aviation Corps who are here to take up aviation in the U.S. government school.

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