Prem Cannot Protect

From Manager, September 1, 2011
The amulet specialist inspects Wichean’s amulet and says: Luang Pho Prem of Wat See Sao [meaning Privy Councillor Prem who lives at the Seesao Thewet House] used to be so powerful to protect you. Now, he is no longer so that powerful so he cannot protect you from the wrath of Chaloem along with the wrath of UDD men.
The cartoon caption reads: Pol. Gen. Wichean just learning the hard way that the amulet [meaning Prem] he is carrying has become outdated.
[Refers to the incoming government’s efforts to sack the current chief of police so a Thaksin relative can take the post.]

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One Response to Prem Cannot Protect

  1. Wiz says:

    Now, Pol Gen Wichian agrees to move to work as the secretairate for National Security Council while Ai Chaloem has appointed Pol Gen Priawphan Damaphongse (Photjamarn’s elder brother) as the actign police chief for abtou 3 months before the official appointment …

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