Prayuth starting to smell

From Manager, February 21, 2018
Suthep: Khun Paiboon, what should we do… he is starting to smell…!!
Paiboon: Exactly…when we first started to carry him, he was very fresh.
On the sign behind Prayuth: We support PM Prayuth to be PM one more time.
Caption: The porters are feeling uncertain.

[Paiboon Nititawan is a junta insider who has founded a political party-supposedly to support military candidates.
Suthep likewise is forming a political entity to support PM Prayuth.
Such moves did not seem unwise after several years of relative popularity by a junta that continually painted elected politicians as compromised and not as good as the patriotic military.
However, a series of scandals–and the government’s inability to deal with them–has led to a stunning collapse of public faith in the junta and military rule in general.]

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