Prayuth: Soon this country will just collapse. And then, you won’t have salaries any more

Coup leader’s lament tells of Thai troubles – FT, June 25, 2015
…Close observers of the general’s speeches noted how he wove his familiar polemical blasts with something more melancholy. “No one writes about what I have done,” he said, “or when they do, they write so little.”
“In the end, we cannot fix anything,” continued the man whose ultra-paternalistic style has led some opponents to call him “Uncle”.
“You have disrupted and brought down the whole system. It doesn’t matter how many reforms or coups there are. There’s no point. Things will be the same…”

TJA denies reporters ‘ordered’ to attack govt – The Nation, June 26, 2015
…Manop said Prayut mentioned news reporting when making the allegation, which suggested he was referring to members of the print media. As a representative of print-media organisations, Manop could not accept the accusation and take no action against it.
Manop said the print media were normally run by private companies and could be audited at any time, while journalists take salaries from companies. So to say that they took “an order” to write news was a “painful” accusation…

PM accuses some politicians of supporting student protests – Thai PBS, June 26, 2015

Also: Some things never change: Is the Thai media unprofessional or under pressure?

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