Prayuth has been warned


From Manager, February 16, 2015
Left, Pryauth says: I used to warn Yingluck about the rice-pledging scheme, but she didn’t listen.
On the newspaper: NACC impeaches Yingluck over the rice-pledging scheme.
Caption: Today he says like this…
Right, former senator Rosana Tositrakul says: We used to warn PM Prayuth about the petroleum concession, but he didn’t listen.
On the newspaper: NACC impeaches Prayuth over allowing foreigners to take over oil concessions.
Caption: Be careful. They may say this in the future.

[Refers to the controversial petroleum concessions. Opposing foreign control of state resources has been a major issue for anti-Thaksin groups and protests. After the coup, these groups assumed the military would halt foreign bidding on Thai gas concessions. However PM Prayuth insisted they go ahead. Later, under pressure, PM Prayuth backed down and decided to delay the bidding.
The cartoonist compares this to former PM Yingluck who went ahead with financial damaging rice payment scheme despite warnings not to.]

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