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Above: Title: 203 days to shutdown ‘Yingluck’ and turn to the year of the NCPO
Yingluck took 49 days to become PM. However, only one wrong strategy she took caused her to be overthrown from power.
Written by: Matichon Editorial
[This is a new book from Matichon documenting the story of the transformation of power from Yingluck’s government to the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) led by Gen. Prayuth. Yingluck was plucked from obscurity by Thaksin and in 49 days became PM. However, after having nearly total freedom in passing legislation, it was the bold moves to pardon Thaksin that caused the government to be overthrown.]


Title: The path of Prayuth Chan o-cha: From the Eastern Tiger Military Faction to be a person riding on the tiger.
Thai history has to be written. A military from the Queen’s Royal Guards has become Thailand’s 29th PM under the power of the Eastern Tiger Military Faction.
Written by Wassana Nanuam
Disclosing the coup plan which was super secret, tricky and camouflaged.
[This is the latest book written by military specialist journalist Wassana Nanuam from the Bangkok Post. Her book explains information behind the latest coup led by Gen. Prayuth who has been known as one of the Second Infantry Division’s Queen’s Royal Guards, known as the Eastern Tiger Military faction. This group is playing an important role in Thai military. To ride on the tiger is a Thai idiom meaning being in the position that you cannot withdraw from (the same as in English).
Wassana was also in the news recently as the reporter who had to withdraw a fake interview with former PM Yingluck.]

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