Prayuth and the Property Tax


From Thairath, March 12, 2015
Title: Father with many kids
PM Prayuth: I know… Let daddy make money for you.
On the piggy bank: Property tax
On paper held by the sleeping man: Economic problems
Babies: Jak… Nge [sounds of baby crying]
On kids’ and woman shirts: Increase civil officers’ salaries, development budget, budget, military, finance, 3 trillion, education, pay debts
Phi Nooring: Governing the country is not difficult.
A mouse: Don’t hurt people anymore.
[Refers to the controversial property tax. Prayuth has been criticized by many for planning a property tax. This is thought to be another part of the absolute control desired by the military to halt Thaksin.
The tax would have several implications related to politics. First, it will give the bureaucracy more oversight over politicians who hold a staggering amount of buildings and property in Thailand.
Secondly, it would provide the junta with money to increase funds for government workers and others as well as initiate big budget projects. Both of these activities remove potential sources of influence and graft for future governments.]


From Komchadluek, March 13, 2015
Above bag: Corruption
Below bag: people
[Another reference to the property tax. The cartoonist implies that it will only allow more government intrusion into people’s lives and provide corrupt politicians more money to line their pockets.]

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