Prayuth and his elders


From Manager, July 17, 2016
PM Prayuth: It’s ok if you will ride on my back, bro, but don’t show my egg to another? I’m embarrassed.
On the sword: Article 44
Caption: Then, the Eastern Tiger realizes his younger brother has limitations.

[We are not completely sure of the meaning on this one. It seems to illustrate that PM Prayuth, a member of the influential military group the Eastern Tigers, agreed to take the lead in seizing power from the Pheu Thai government and became the PM. However, as time goes by, he has chaffed at being involved in power struggles by other senior Eastern Tiger members, particularly Deputy PM Prawit Wongsuwan who is now thought to be the most powerful figure in the government eclipsing PM Prayuth.]

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  1. Anonymous says:

    this satirical cartoon showing that Big Too has used Article 44 to tell Big Pom that -“Enough! – it is too much for Big Pom to meddle around the top brass transfers” – Armed forces, Police and Civilian Bureaucrat top brasses alike.

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