Prawit is the lightning rod

From Thairath, December 15, 2017
Left, PM Prayath: If next year the economy doesn’t revive, there is no bureaucratic reform and we can’t get rid of corruption, I commit to be killed by lightning.
Middle, people: Why do you dare to say like that?
PM Prayuth: Because I believe in Phi Pom… [meaning elder brother Prawit, the deputy PM]
Right: Because Phi Pom is a lightning rod.

[Refers to Thai idiom “being a lightning rod” meaning something that becomes the center of the criticism and thus distracts from something else.
Deputy PM Prawit seems to always be in the news for controversial schemes such as military weapon purchases and his apparent wealth.
Critics have long contended that Deputy PM Prawit, whose nickname is “Pom,” draws criticism away from PM Prayuth.]

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