Poor soap opera – Ngoo Keng Kong shocking the world

Nation Weekend, December 18, 2009

The main headline reads: Poor soap opera - Ngoo Keng Kong shocking the world
[This refers to the Thai spy pardon in Cambodia, criticizing it as being a trumped-up soap opera. Like many of the Nation Weekend headlines, this is hard to decipher and understand as it is assumed that the reader understands the references and allusions.
Here is our best shot at an explanation: Ngoo Keng Kong is "Medusa" and the title of a famous Cambodian movie that was recently remade. So the article criticizes the soap opera reality of the situation as well as the close relationship between Thaksin and Sivarak’s father who were in the film business in the past.
The purpose of including the photo of Thaksin and the woman is unclear--especially since it appears Photoshopped. Thaksin's forearm seems too long and there seems to be an awkward clipping path on the right side of the woman's shorts that seems to show part of the background. Any further ideas on this, please email us or post on the forum.]
The smaller headline on the left reads: Victim of the victims - Maew writes the script - Somdej Daeng [Hun Sen] as director [Again meaning Thaksin and Hun Sen have conspired to create the spy saga.]

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