Poo can deal with them

From Manager, October 8, 2018
Yingluck: See… Poo can deal with them.
Caption: This time she can ‘deal’

[Refers to three Democrat Party politicians consisting Theptai Seanapong (left), Sirichok Sopha (middle), and Chavanond Intarakomalyasut (right) who apologized to former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra (nicknamed “Poo”) in writing for making sexually offensive comments against her on TV while she was serving as prime minister in 2012.
This was related to the great lengths the Pheu Thai went to to make sure Yingluck was not present at important parliamentary meetings. This was to ensure that any controversial decisions made at the meetings could not lead to legal rulings that would remove her as PM and thus imperil the government.
During one meeting it was said Yingluck could not be there because she was meeting with business leaders at a hotel. This was ridiculed by the Democrat MPs to imply something sexual.
In the cartoon it shows that the former political novice, often clumsy in political affairs, has shown she is fully capable of responding to slander against her and even forced the MPs to apologize.]

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