Politicians caused this problem


From Thairath, July 4, 2016
Sudarat Keyuraphan: For the country to have a way out… Noi would like to ask all my politician friends… to put the gun to your head… Once Noi counts to 3… then you can shoot!
Sign: Meet to find a way out for the country
[Some of the politicians in the image: Man to the left of Sudarat is Abhsit Vejjajiva. To the right is Yingluck Shinawatra. Next to Yingluck are Red Shirt leaders Jatuporn Prompan and Wattana Muangsuk.]
On Jatuporn’s shirt: Don’t cancel. Don’t have fraud. [Refers to the anti-fraud center to monitor the referendum of the draft constitution. The Red Shirt motto for the center is to insist there there should not be fraud and that the junta also not cancel or annul the referendum.]
On Wattana’s shirt: I don’t accept the constitution.
Caption: Trying to find a way out for the country like this means… a guarantee of real effectiveness.

[Refers to the meeting planned by Sudarat, whose nickname is Noi, to discuss political reforms due to her contention that politicians were part of causing Thailand’s political problems. This meeting would have invited key political parties to participate.
However, as Sudarat has been anointed by Thaksin to take over the Pheu Thai Party, her initiative was viewed with skepticism and the meeting was called off due to avoid political tension–not only from the military, but from other Pheu Thai faction leaders who bitterly oppose Thaksin’s choice of new party head.
The cartoonist jokes that the politicians should all meet and then blow their brains out. This, he contends, would be the best way for the country to find its way out of political problems. This also illustrates the general Thai cynicism about political parties and elections that tend to bring regional kingpins to power who then bicker among themselves.]

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