Remembering Sanan – Thai-language editorial cartoons and billboards featuring the late political kingmaker


The sign reads: The Chart Thai Pattana Party – Reconciliation for happiness of the whole nation – Maj Gen. Sanan Kajornprasart, Party list MP candidate – Please vote no. 21

Veteran politician Sanan passed away Friday – The Nation, February 15, 2013

From KhaoSod, June 2, 2011
The cartoon title: Gruem [“Greum” describes the character of a drunk person when they are beginning to get drunk]
The word on the glass: PM
Banharn is starting to fill Sanan’s glass. [Sanan owns a winery. This cartoon refers to the attempts by Sanan to put together a coalition of parties to become PM.]

From Manager, May 28, 2011
The words on the bottle: Warning: wine drinking makes someone to drift in a dream
The caption reads: Should warn the drinker
[This again refers to the mission of old-school politician (and winery owner) Sanan to maneuver himself to be the reconciliation PM.]


December 18, 2010 – The billboard reads: Reconciliation… the reconciliatory road will succeed if every side coordinates for the happiness of everyone in the nation
[The man is veteran politician Sanan Kachornprasar, a master of cobbling together MPs to form governments. Sanan is one of several political opportunists who have been putting out feelers in recent months, hoping to gain leadership in a future government as a figure acceptable to both the Thai establishment and pro-Thaksin groups.]

“Wants some falling oranges” – from Thai Rath, Cartoon by Sia, September 25, 2010
The caption near the top left reads: Wants some falling oranges [in Thai this refers to a jackpot or unexpected good luck]
The letters on the chair dropping on Sanan read: The reconciling Prime Minister
The words on each of the boxes he is carrying read: To leave/To take away
[The box with the hand represents the yellow shirts and the other box with the foot represents the red shirts. The foot and the hand refer to the clapper devices each group uses at rallies.]
The small man at the bottom left holds a sign that reads: Release the UDD prisoners

[This refers to political kingmaker Sanan’s sudden and shameless injection of himself as a peacemaker. This is widely viewed as an attempt to maneuver himself into the Prime Minister position.]

From Manager, February 26, 2011
Sanan is saying: After the release, if the 7 red leaders feel annoyed and want to stage torching, we two will let them to torch us first, is that right Mr. Kanit?”
Kanit says: Yeah.
The caption reads: The two witnesses should guarantee…
The sign on the wall in the background read: Na Nakorn Residence and Kajornprasart Residence

[Na Nakorn House belongs to Kanit and the Kajornprasart House belongs to Sanan. Kanit Na Nakorn and Maj. Gen. Sanan Kajornprasart spoke up for the imprisoned Red Shirt leaders in court. The cartoon states if the Red Shirts become “dissatisfied” and burn down buildings again, they should burn Kanit and Sanan’s houses first as these men testified for them.]

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