Political beggars

From Manager, April 22, 2020
Chaturon: Oh… Beggar government!
Caption: Perspective… often reflects their identity [meaning that calling the government a “beggar” highlights that the Phea Thai and Red Shirts are the real beggars as they continue to be “owned” by Thaksin]

[Refers to the opposition Phea Thai Party led by Chaturon Chaisang (far right) and Sudarat Keyuraphan (women in the middle). Along with Red Shirt groups they criticized the government for planning to send a letter to the 20 richest men in Thailand to ask for suggestions and financial support for handling the COVID-19 pandemic.
The cartoonist jokes that Pheu Thai and the Red Shirts are the real beggars as they continue to act on Thaksin’s behalf and depend on his support for their loyalty.]

From Naewna, April 28, 2020
Thanathorn: I wish to be the PM. If we become the government, I believe I can surely be the better PM than Khun Prayuth.
Caption: Begging for power

[Another cartoon on the theme of begging. Here, former Future Forward party leader Thanathorn was one of a chorus of opposition voices that criticized the government for asking billionaires to assist in giving aid for pandemic relief.]

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