Policies of Suu Kyi’s party remain a mystery

Whither Myanmar? – eurasiareview.com, April 2, 2014
[Thanks to Tom for pointing this out.]
…The policies of the NLD remain something of a mystery. Their senior organization is opaque. The management of the party is autocratic. They do not even have a website, neither in Burmese nor in English. The influential 88 Student Generation group remains generally apart from the NLD, though they are working together on constitutional reform. Rival 88 Student candidates at the 2015 elections could prove seriously divisive.
…The general elections in late 2015…will be keenly contested. The USDP [ruling military-backed party] will not allow the NLD to walk all over them as they did in April 2012. The USDP could resort to populist policies, which Thaksin Shinawatra found so electorally rewarding in Thailand. Clandestine vote-buying, which still plagues even Indonesia, could make its debut in Myanmar. Brash electoral promises could be made, with which the NLD may find it hard to compete. In these conditions of marginally “free and fair” elections, the NLD would be lucky to secure a simple majority of elected seats in any assembly…

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