Police find explosives chemicals linked to terror plot

Kowit: Security assured – Bangkok Post, January 16, 2012
The government can take care of people’s security and they need not be concerned about a terrorist warning issued by several foreign countries, Deputy Prime Minister in charge of security affairs Kowit Wattana said Monday…
[Denials like this are typical of Thai methods of dealing with uncertainty. The frantic and confusing blizzard of statements in this case are particularly reminiscent of the Thaksin years when blanket denials were often made in the face of contradictory evidence. For example, during the bird flu outbreak in Thailand.]

Police find explosives chemicals linked to terror plot – mcot.net, January 16, 2012
Thai police early Monday led a terror suspect to search a commercial building in Samut Sakhon province, adjacent to the capital, where they discovered chemical substances which could be used in making explosives…

Govt move to limit fall out on terror – The Nation, January 16, 2012
The Yingluck government yesterday appeared to adjust its public relations strategy involving terrorism threats, after concerns arose that Deputy Prime Minister Chalerm Yoobamrung’s hasty remarks in the wake of the latest US warning could have made things worse.
Government leaders yesterday held a press conference to allay the anxieties, saying security authorities were on top of the situation to ensure the country remains a safe tourist destination.
The press conference was organised after Chalerm’s off-the-cuff remarks prompted fears they could backfire to fuel terrorist activities…

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