Police Chief Threatens Media Over Accusations He Dragged His Feet On Revoking Thaksin’s Rank

Above: July 13, 2015, How to resist the junta and do Thaksin’s bidding

For months, outgoing Police Chief Somyot was not only able to resist public junta orders to strip Thaksin of his rank, but he showed his independence by boldly seizing public opinion to lobby for the legalization of casinos.

Legalized gambling is an anathema to the establishment which now holds power in an attempt to halt Thaksin. The junta must have been livid to hear this perennial Thaksin issue coming out of the mouth of the police chief.

The chief’s resistance also demonstrated the limits of the junta’s supposed absolute power. Stripping Thaksin’s rank was just one of a number of areas where once-ambitious junta plans were scaled back in the face of apparent resistance from the entrenched bureaucracy.

Police chief denies he drags his feet on Thaksin’s police rank – thaipbs.or.th, August 13, 2015
The national police chief had denied the allegation that he intentionally dragged his feet in stripping fugitive former prime minister Thaksin Shinawatra of his lieutenant-colonel rank…

No skirting of Thaksin rank revocation – The Nation, August 13, 2015
…Somyot insisted: “I have never been indifferent, nor have I dragged my feet on the revocation of Thaksin’s police rank … If it is an order from the prime minister, I would welcome [his decision, which is] under the framework of law and regulation and be ready to continue the process. I have to admit that there are pressures from society. I am ready to receive criticism, but I’d like them to be in accordance with facts.”
Somyot said certain media had been excessively critical of him, and threatened to sue them if it damaged his reputation…

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