Police warn that those who share Red Shirt leader’s anti-monarchy video will be charged with lese majeste

Ko Tee faces lese majeste arrest – Bangkok Post, April 10, 2014
…She added that the Royal Thai Police Office has warned the public not to share the video clip as those doing so will also be subject to punishment under Section 112. Those found guilty are liable for a three- to 15-year jail term….

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One Response to Police warn that those who share Red Shirt leader’s anti-monarchy video will be charged with lese majeste

  1. Wiz says:

    Yinglux and police pretend to do the right thing against Ai Koh Tee – even fellow UDDhard core spreading the rumors Ai Koh Tee is running away. For the issue of Ratthathippat, don’t believe what ASTV are saying to instigate the conflicts between Thepthuak (PDRC) vs Big Too (Army)

    The logic of not forward the anti monarchy clip is understandable but it is totally nonsense to see police do nothing to arrest Ai koh Tee

    Now, this embarrassing act of Ai Koh Tee threat for civil war along with Anti monarchy rhetoric has compelled Yinglux to ask Police Chief to prosecute Ai Koh Tee
    Even Nor Por Chor faction leaders of UDD men have denounced Ai Koh Tee for his interview that ruin UDD movements.
    After all, PT-UDd men want to silent Ai Koh Tee for leaking the real intention of overthrowing Thai Monarchy

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