Plot doubts grow as Thaksin drops Tachilek

Plot doubts grow as Thaksin drops Tachilek – Bangkok Post, November 7, 2012
…He denied allegations the NSC was supplying information to back the claims of Thaksin’s son, Panthongtae Shinawatra, who revealed the alleged plot.
Mr Panthongtae criticised Defence Minister Sukumpol Suwanatat’s intelligence officials after the minister denied any links between the arms seizure in Tachilek and the alleged attempt on Thaksin’s life.
He posted a picture on Facebook showing the weapons, including three RPG grenades, seized from a house near the Regina Hotel and Golf Club where Thaksin was to have stayed.
According to Mr Panthongtae, weapons experts have told him they could be used to attack the hotel.
ACM Sukumpol again dismissed any connection between the arms seizure and the alleged plot against Thaksin.
“If someone insists there is such a link, that is their opinion. But we all know what the truth is,” he said.

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