Please switch on the lights all over the country


From Thairath, by Sia, July 30, 2015
Caption: Please click on the lights all over the country. [The writer uses the word “click” for “switch.” “Switch on the light” means to show that the organization is incorruptible.]
The man holding the switch is Sermsakul Kraikeaw, current chief of the PEA-The Provincial Electricity Authority. Near the switchboard: Click!
On his arm-band: The Chief
On his coattail: PEA
Man holding a sign: Great services
Woman holding a sign: No corruption
Words on Thailand map: PEA is translucent. [This means that the PEA organization is clear and can withstand a corruption examination.]
Mouse Man: This deserves the pressing of the “Like” button [refers to LIKE on Facebook which mean the organizations perceived as having no corruption receive positive feedback from Thai people]
Mouse: Organizational Model.

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