Please be kind to children, women and senior people

From Thairath, March 1, 2014
Cartoon title: Please be kind to children, women and senior people
At left are signs that indicate a passenger should give up their seat to children, women and seniors.
Road signs, from top: Ratchaprasong, Pathumwan, Laksi
Top right, in the smoke: PDRC stage in Trad province [PDRC stands for the People’s Democratic Reform Committee, the anti-government protesters. The rally site was hit with grenades and an 8-year-old girl was killed.]
The middle section refers to the incidence of Lt. Sunisa Lertphakhawat, deputy spokeswoman of the Cabinet Office, apprehended by the anti-government protest security guards when she was spotted near by the protesting site at Pathumwan.]
Bottom, on shirt of man lying on the ground: Uncle Ah Gew [Referring to the 72-year-old man who was shot dead at Laksi during an exchange of gunfire between a group of Red Shirts and a group of anonymous armed men. One of the latter used a popcorn bag to cover his piece.]
Phi Nooring: Brutal kindness
Mouse: Stop hurting the society
[This is a criticism that anti-government protesters are violent for their seizure of Sunisa, their gunfight at Laksi with Red Shirts, and it also implies that grenade attacks on anti-government protest sites were staged by the group to generate sympathy.]

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