Plea for help… Annice Smoel, now stuck in Thailand

Plea for help... Annice Smoel, now stuck in Thailand - Sydney Morning Herald, May 20, 2009
Police tell of abuse from Annice Smoels in Thailand -, May 20, 2009

Children of woman facing jail in Thailand plead for her return - Melbourne Herald Sun, May 20, 2009

Thai jail mum set free - Perth Now, May 20, 2009
$3000 the price of Thai justice - The Age, May 21, 2009
...After negotiating with a detective - "he wanted the money in an envelope" - the family paid $3000 to have the charges dropped. Ms Smoel pleaded guilty to her charges - in order to leave Thailand - was fined $38 and placed on a good behaviour bond...

Bar mat mother felt 'like Schapelle Corby' - The Age, May 21, 2009
...Mrs Smoel said she had not received her passport until she was at Phuket airport and did not feel safe until she boarded a Thai Airways flight to Australia in Bangkok.
"Things work very strangely in Thailand and you get told something and then it goes backwards and you take two steps forward and then it goes backwards,'' she said...
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