Piercing the heart with the flag

From Thairath, September 27, 2011
Cartoon title reads: Piercing the heart with the flag
On the flag: Nullify the consequences from the Sept. 19, 2006 coup
On the men’s backs: Nitirat [referring to the group of judges who have proposed nullifying the acts after the coup, including, apparently, Thaksin’s convictions]
On the soldier’s shirt: Lap Luang Phrang of the National Security Council [Lap = secret; Luang = lie as in “tell a lie”; Phrang = disguise. Lap Luang Phrang is the title of a radio program and a book by Wassana Nanuam, the Bangkok Post‘s military-affairs journalist.]

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2 Responses to Piercing the heart with the flag

  1. Wiz says:

    What a bunch of Hypocrites those Nitiras ARE! Nowm, even fellows in Law Dept of Thammasart University as well as otehr faculty of Law in other University are GRILLIGN those Nitiras for their own hypocritical actions to please the vested interests.

  2. somyos says:

    yeah, but pro-elite English papers like Nation and BK Post have downplayed the grilling of TU rector Somkid who criticized Nitiraat for comparing Pridi with dictator/coup-makers Sarit, Thanom, Suchinda, Sonthi B. Please go and see 6 Oct remembrance event at TU campus in Sanam Luang 1 – 14 October.

    Of course, you will not find reports about more and more support for Nitiraat in these papers (also at right-wing expat forum Thai Visa)

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