Pickle that Order!


From Manager August 12, 2015
Policeman: Sir Somyot. This is a mandate to strip Thaksin’s police title from Sir Paibul.
Caption: Already has prepared a jar for pickling.

[Refers to an attempt to strip Thaksin’s police title. Recently, PM Prayuth asked Gen. Paibul Khumchaya, Justice Minister, whose nickname is Tok, to carry out this process.
In a cartoon, Somyot refers to Police Chief Pol Gen. Somyos Pumpanmuang. The cartoonist refers to the Thai proverb “to put in a jar for pickling” meaning to ignore or withhold something.]

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September 1: I alone will deal with Thaksin rank issue, says PM
September 3: Police chief ‘endorses’ move to revoke Thaksin’s police rank

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