Phuket thrives once more, but beware its dark side

Phuket thrives once more, but beware its dark side –, December 26, 2011
[In other sections of the SMH website, the article title is “Island a paradise for many, and hell for others”]
…”Many Australians come here behaving as if the same standards and laws apply in Thailand as they do in Australia,” says Mr Cunningham, a property developer from Sydney who has lived on Phuket for 11 years.
…Up to 50 Australians a year die on Phuket, half of them from natural causes and the rest from road accidents, misadventure or suicides.
Mr Cunningham estimates 80 per cent of the cases of Australians finding themselves in trouble are settled before he hears about them, often through extorted payments.
Australians sometimes find themselves in situations that make them ”scared for their lives”, he says…

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