Pheu Thai’s heart

From Manager, December 5, 2018
Sudarat: Pheu Thai Party… Our heart is the people.

[The heart shows the face of Thaksin who is known as the “owner” of the Pheu Thai Party. Pictured along with Sudarat are other infamous party members such as Chalerm (giving the finger) and his notorious wild-eyed, mustachioed son.
The party has experienced an exodus of important political members in recent months, leading some to conclude the party as a force in politics is finished and Thaksin is no longer interested in it.
This has led to public statements from key members like Sudarat to affirm the party is still an important force. Thaksin’s son, instead of being a member of the new Red Shirt political party, joined the Pheu Thai which is thought to indicate Thaksin has not given up on the party.]

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