Pheu Thai to junta: You spend too much!

From Naewna, February 9, 2017
Pheu Thai Party’s Surapong Tovichakchaikul: The NCPO’s government [the junta] is broke because of extravagant spending! There’s no more a treasury reserves!
At right is a “hungry ghost.” On the hungry ghost’s right hand: Only the rice pledging project spent the national’s budget
On the hungry ghost’s left hand: [of] 7 hundred thousand million. Loss more than 3 hundred thousand million.
Caption: Pret… to accuse someone, also sends impact to their group. [To call someone “Pret,” or hungry ghost, is impolite and means something like “damn them”. The rest of this phrase means that if you accuse someone, it may impact back on you and your own associates.]

[This refers to Pheu Thai Party’s Surapong Tovichakchaikul who criticized the junta for extravagant spending and causing the decline of national treasury reserves.
In the cartoon, it shows that the rice pledging scheme under Yingluck’s government required the largest budget and resulted in the greatest losses in the nation’s history.
The issue of spending has long been an ironic one for Thaksin and the parties he is associated with. Thaksin’s parties made criticism of the Democrat Party’s spending habits a central part of their campaign rhetoric.
However, when the Pheu Thai Party came to power they embarked on spending that dwarfed that of any previous party and essentially emptied state coffers to reward Thaksin loyalists voters in the northeast and ensure the stability of the Pheu Thai-led government.
More from 2013: The Irony of Massive Government Borrowing]

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