Pheu Thai Joins Chorus Against Anti-Yingluck Cartoonist

Pheu Thai Joins Chorus Against Anti-Yingluck Cartoonist – Khaosod, May 3, 2013
…”Chai Ratchawatra has not just insulted the nation′s leader, but also insulted the gender of his own mother,” the statement said…

Chai’s Facebook page

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Translations of Chai’s Editorial Cartoons

There are two subtexts here: one is explained in this post: The Burden of Being a Prominent Thai Woman–and Being Called a Slut. The other is that Chai is a decidedly anti-Thaksin cartoonist for Thairath (the other being the rabidly pro-Red Shirt Sia) and thus a statement like this from his Facebook page would be eagerly seized upon by those he constantly ridicules in his cartoons.

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One Response to Pheu Thai Joins Chorus Against Anti-Yingluck Cartoonist

  1. Wiz says:

    Khun Chai Ratchawat swear that if he has switched his side, just simply call him Ai Chai the nature of Tharit of DSI as he has shown defiance against UDD threats

    Here is the Fanpage of Khun Chai Ratchawat

    BTW, the very reason why Sia has become pro-Thaksin is due to the fact that the owner of Thairath (also EE Photjaman’s friend) has promised Sia that he will be promoted to editor in chief of Thairath once there is a vacant position in the political editor section for him. Furthermore, Photjaman wants to use the position of Sia in the Board of Thai cartoon association to influence Thai cartoonists to take side with Ai maew and PT-UDD men – after being constantly attacked by Thai cartoonist like Buncha – Khamin of ASTV … No wonder, many Thai cartoonists start to take side with Sia …

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