Pheu Thai defectors

From Thairath, June 30, 2018
Title: Seeing the truth
On legs of soldier from left to right: Coup person; Destroy political parties
On men’s suits from left to right: Politicians; former MPs
On a sign held by two men at left: Political parties that will be side by side with the people and hate the dictator
Phi Nooring: Trying to please for their own benefit
Mouse: Betray the people

[Refers to politicians from many existing parties switching to pro-military parties before the elections. This apparently will hit Thaksin’s Pheu Thai Party hard.
Realizing that Thaksin built his majorities in parliament by buying up existing parties and their MPs, there was always a danger these politicians, who are electorally unassailable in their districts, might one day switch allegiance once it was clear Thaksin would not be allowed to return to power. Apparently, this eventuality is finally happening.]

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