Petition the King?

From Manager, May 5, 2015
Jatuporn: I will petition to the King in the case of closing Peace TV!!
On his shirt: Overthrow the elite.
On paper: A petition, Subject: To petition to the King on the case of closing Peace TV
[Refers to Red Shirt Peace TV which was taken off the air by the junta. The cartoon ridicules Jatuporn’s threat to petition the monarchy over the closure considering the Red Shirts’ history of threats and slurs against both “aristocrats” and the monarchy.]


From Komchadluek, May 7, 2015
A toad: I will petition the UN!!
[Refers to the ban of the Red Shirt’s Peace TV. Afterwards, the Red Shirts submitted a petition to the U.N. to call for help. The cartoonist ridicules Jatuporn (often illustrated as a toad) over this petition.]

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