Permission to go abroad

From Manager, July 20, 2014
Left: Talking to Suthep on the phone: You and the people have been working hard and are tired… Go home and rest. Leave it to me.
Left caption: This is what he said that day…
[The speaker on the other end is supposed to be Gen. Prayuth Chan-ocha, chairman of the National Council for Peace and order. The dialogue was what Suthep claimed Gen. Prayuth told him before staging the coup.]
Right: Talking to Yingluck on the phone: You and your relatives have been working hard and are tired… travel abroad to relax and spend your money. Leave it to me.
Right caption: Today, he may have to say a similar thing.
[The woman is former prime minister Yingluck Shinawatra. In the background is Thaksin’s other sister. They are packing their expensive Louis Vuitton bags. On the other end of the line is Gen. Prayuth who granted permission for Yingluck to travel abroad a few days prior to the National Anti-corruptions Commission’s ruling to file a lawsuits against her on the rice pledging scheme corruption case. It is thought this was tacit permission for the key Shinawatra family members to go into exile.]

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