People who know democracy


From Thairath, April 16, 2016
Left: People who don’t know democracy
On a shirt of the man in back: Farmer
On a shirt of a man in front: Gardener
Phi Nooring: Knowing to protect their rights
A mouse: 1 rights, 1 vote
Right: People who know democracy well
On a tank: Democracy 99.99%

[This cartoon ridicules the junta that claims that they are democratic and promise to bring the country back to the democracy soon. Many people have raised the concern that the junta will try to extend their power and delay the election.
On the other hand, farmers and the poor are known as Thaksin supporters. They are told they do not understand democracy.
The cartoonist contends that country people do realize their rights by going to vote. On the other hand, the junta, who always claim to know about democracy, is trying to destroy the democratic process.]

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