People are harmed already

From Thairath, March 25, 2020
Title: Isn’t it ok, if it is more serious? Now, people have already suffered. [meaning if the government implements more serious matters to combat the virus, it will not matter, because people have already suffered]
PM Prayuth: Don’t force me to use the highest measures. [This is a warning issued by the PM that if people do not self-isolated, a complete lockdown will be declared.]
On PM Prayuth’s shirt: Thailand must win.
Phi Nooring: Who will die first between the disease and the people?
Mouse: Help people first
On people’s shirts from left to right: Business bankruptcy, widespread of disease, lost an income for living

[Refers to the concern that the government’s measures to combat covid-19 will impact people’s livelihoods. The government opposition have repeatedly criticized the business shutdowns and the government business bailouts as harming rank-and-file workers.]

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