Pheu Thai Promises: New Mass Transit Lines


The sign reads: Developing the new system of transportation – 10 Skytrain lines – 20 baht ticket for round trip – Double track rails to connect all directions in the system – The high speed rail project from Bangkok to Chiangmai-Korat-Huahin – the Airport Link to Chacherngsao-Chonburi-Pattaya – Pheu Thai Party

[Thaksin has already campaigned on new mass transit lines for Bangkok in 2004-2005. Below is a scan from a TRT pamphlet with Thaksin’s promises for Bangkok mass transit from January, 2005.
At the time signs went up all around town telling locals the exact mass transit lines that would be going through their areas.
However, once the election was won, all the plans were quietly cancelled. It is likely that there were so many powerful Thai Rak Thai figures with interests adverse to mass transit that the grand plan was simply used as a ruse used to win the election.]

[Earlier Thai Rak Thai mass transit promises included forcible nationalization of the existing mass transit companies. As Thaksin’s politics are always about tactical political advantage, the way to see this promise was as a vow to punish these companies which were, at that time, aligned with the political opposition.
However, this plan also fell through: Premier Thaksin stuns Suriya by revoking the plan for Skytrain-Subway nationalization. More mass transit new from around that time is here.]

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