Pheu Thai Promises For Farmers


The sign reads: Allowing farmers to have a credit card for buying production material – Selling project for unhusked rice at 15,000 baht per a cart – 2,000 baht per one cart for jasmine rice – Pheu Thai Party

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2 Responses to Pheu Thai Promises For Farmers

  1. Banksy says:

    Presumably, Thaksin now has a credit-card company ready in the wings. What Thai farmers probably most need is more protection from exploitative middlemen. But as that is how the likes of the Shinawatra clan made their money, I doubt it will be on the agenda of their clan-controlled party anytime soon. Weasel words as always from the bent cop and his paid stooges!

  2. Wisarut says:

    BTW, Reuter rebuking PT men policy for 20000 Baht per ton of paddy as way to destroy the competitiveness of Thai rice while those who defect to PJT have pointed out how PT men have cheated farmers by colluding with the rice mill owners to depress the price by climign abotu mold or high humidity, cheat the scales so they can get 50 kg of 100 kg of paddy for free and so on …

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