Pheu Thai pre-election sign

Pheu Thai pre-election sign – February 16, 2011
It reads: 5 failures of the Abhisit ruling government, 10 to be tolerated by Thais nationwide. Time is up for the government failing its administration – The Pheu Thai Party

[According to the Pheu Thai Party, the five failures are 1. failure in administration to solve problems for the people 2. failure to end corruption 3. failure in bringing good quality of life for the people 4. failure in promoting justice and national reconciliation 5. failure to create opportunity for the country.
The 10 points to be tolerated by Thais nationwide are 1. high cost of living 2. social breakups 3. double standards (treatment of the UDD vs PAD) 4. corruption 5. the illicit drug problems 6. shameful officials 7. the poverty of laborers 8. the suffering of farmers 9. great debts to bear 10. the negative image of the country
With posters like these going up, the Pheu Thai are showing they know an election is near. The 10 points especially mirror classic Thaksin/Thai Rak Thai election points. These include corruption, “handling” the drug problem (in the only way Thais envision doing this–by executing local dealers operating under the complicity of local officials), rural poverty, officials who don’t do their duty, and the country going into debt. Also, unusual for the Thai politics, but a Thaksin hallmark, is how the country is perceived internationally and raising its regional leadership status. These points are updated with a Red Shirt complaint about “double standards.”]

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